Mortgage Affiliates Program

What Kind of Affiliate Partners are we Looking For?

We are interested in affiliate partners who share a vision of providing people with the best investment & commercial hard money educational and training solutions.

Our mortgage affiliate partners are people who have contacts or knowledge of real estate investing or motivated people with unique ideas for growing with us and who are interested in developing long-term, profitable business relationships.

If that sounds like you, take a minute to find out what partnering with Private Lending Group can do for you!

Private Lending Group stands apart in both its approach and track record!!

Private Lending Group can now fund loans all over the United States. We provide training and support  information on a wide variety of real estate financing programs and the latest real estate trends. People who visit Private Lending Group know they can trust the information they receive.

Why is Now Such a Perfect Time To Partner with Private Lending Group?

Because the United States and rest of the world is experiencing a Mortgage CRISIS!  More than 30% of the people on the Internet today are searching for real estate and mortgage-related information. These are people looking for real answers and effective solutions for their real estate needs. As an Affiliate Partner, you will be promoting programs that will help active and passive real estate investors. With our support, and through you following our proven online marketing plans, you will determine the level of revenue you can expect to earn from the Private Lending Group Affiliate Program. You set the goal, and we will show you how you can achieve, and even exceed it!

As a Private Lending Group Affiliate, there is no limit to your commission. Our commissions up to 65% on all products for every customer you refer! This can translate into thousands of dollars of extra income a month for you! Bullet-proof tracking system makes sure you get the commission. Turn-key tools ready for your promotions. We have everything ready for you to generate income and serve the real estate investor clients! You’ll receive ready-to-go promotional tools! Not just banners to post up to your site (although you will get banners also).

Private Lending Group offers affiliate commissions for closing on our investment and commercial hard money loans and private investor recruits. Sign up for more information about Private Lending Group Affiliate Program.